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Cayman Compliance
Training Series

Training the Cayman Compliance
community since 2015!

Are you considering a career in Cayman Compliance?

Do you already work in Compliance but need extra training and support?

If so, the Cayman Compliance Training Series is for you.

Cayman Compliance Training Series: Course Content


  • Examine all components of a system to prevent, detect and report financial crime
  • Examine the role of the Compliance Officer and the compliance function
  • Review relevant laws, regulation and standards

What’s included? All course materials and 1 1/2 hr webinar


  • Understand, the risk assessment as the foundation of the system to prevent, detect and report financial crime.
  • Factors and methods for risk
  • Practical examples and templates

What’s included? All course materials and 3 hr webinar.


  • Implementing a risk-based approach to CDD
  • Resolving, recording and reporting
  • Beneficial Ownership Registers and Data Protection
  • Writing Policies and Procedures

What’s included? All course materials and 3 hr webinar.


  • Review scope of obligation to report suspicious
  • Enhanced review of internal reports and writing suspicious activity reports
  • NEW Freeze and Report obligations
  • How to resolve conflicts and other reporting obligations including ‘whistleblowing’.

What’s included? All course materials and 3 hr webinar.


  • Understand the requirements for audits of the system to prevent, detect and report financial crime and the
  • Know what to expect from
  • The before, during and after of supervisory
  • Tips on presentations and meetings

What’s included? All course materials and 3 hr webinar.

Cayman compliance training - train at home

The Cayman Compliance Training Series is delivered fully online.

You can study at your own pace, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, free from any interruption, social-distancing or travel restrictions.

About the Compliance Training Series

The Cayman Compliance Training Series (CTS) is a unique, certified program that will educate and prepare Cayman’s compliance officers, prospective compliance officers and other compliance staff. 

Course ‘graduates’ will be prepared for the ever increasing and complex challenges they are facing in their roles in the modern business environment.

Cayman Compliance Training Series (CTS) is a comprehensive program of highly engaging training sessions and is designed to build upon the knowledge gained by the participants in each session.

This ensures that, by the end of the series, they are fully prepared to deliver compliance, risk and accountability standards right across the local organisation.

Cayman Compliance Training Series (CTS) comprises Cayman Islands specific content, and is highly engaging.

CTS uses real-life case studies, scenario-building and problem solving to ensure attendees experience both a high level of engagement and a deep understanding of the complex issues that must be addressed by today’s Compliance Officers.

Any firm that is going to succeed in managing their business risk, and thrive overall, needs professional, well trained and experienced Compliance Personnel to support that process.

Certified and assessed Cayman Compliance Training  ‘graduates’ will be extensively prepared to fulfill these roles.

CTS 'alumni'. What They Say.......

"Lisa uses her expertise in presenting the various topics to the class, she was very patient, engaging and ensured we understood every aspect and provided examples to reinforce the training.

This training course has certainly enhanced my work and broadens my knowledge as a Financial Investigator and I can state that it’s one of the most valuable courses I have attended.

It is an excellent training course and I recommend it to anyone"

Karen Harrison, AA. Pub. Admin. (Hons) RCIPS/FCU

"Although I did not attend all of the sessions of the Compliance Training Series (CTS), I walked away from the sessions that I did attend with better understanding as a “new to industry” Compliance Officer.

The sessions also indirectly prepared me for The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) Examination that I sat and passed.

With all of the recent changes to some of the relevant Cayman Islands Laws, Regulations and Guidance, as well as the ever increasing challenges being faced in Compliance and Governance roles,

I look forward to attending and benefitting from another series from CTS"

Amber L. Tatum, CAMS

"Great explanation and details in each session, which I highly recommend to anyone looking to gain more knowledge in the compliance area as it definitely was a benefit in obtaining a pass on the CAMS exam."

Jeanne Durant, CAMS
Cayman Compliance Training

About The Instructor

The creator and lead instructor of the Cayman Compliance Training Series is Dr. Lisa Bowyer.

Lisa has over 12 years experience as an educator and trainer in the fields of law, regulation and compliance and more than 17 years as a policymaker and regulatory & compliance advisor.

She specialises in the purpose and risks of regulation, international legal and regulatory requirements and the drivers and strategies of financial markets and products, including self-regulation.

Starting her career as a University academic in the UK, Lisa taught the law of contract, trusts, advertising, international trade, crime, insurance and consumer protection.

She was seconded to the Insurance Ombudsman in the UK whilst undertaking research. Lisa received her first law degree in 1991, her Masters in Law in 1994, and her Law Doctorate in 1999.

Moving to Cayman in 2001, Lisa acted as Deputy, and later (Acting) Head of the Policy and Development Division of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority for 5 years.

Prior to this she was a consultant to the Insurance Firms Division of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK.

She also previously worked as a Manager in the Regulatory and Compliance Services division with KPMG in the UK.

In 2008 she founded Liberty Compliance Consulting and has since advised and acted for a number of leading firms, associations and statutory bodies in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere. Liberty has now merged with Ogier to become Ogier Liberty

Lisa created the Cayman Compliance Training Series in 2015 and delivered this as a classroom-based course for 5 years. The Cayman Compliance Training Series launched online in 2020.

Cayman Compliance Training Series

The complete, online Cayman Compliance Training Series includes all 5 modules, a total of 13 1/2 hours of instruction,
together with all training materials, presentations, videos, guides, laws & other resources.
CI$ 997
  • 13 1/2 hours of "on-demand" online course delivery
  • Includes all training materials & resources
  • Training resources includes videos, guides & laws.
  • Fully Certified and Assessed
special Offer
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